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The first solution
that secures your backups

Oxibox guarantees your backups integrity and your business continuity in the event of a cyber attack. User-friendly and rapidly deployable, our solutions fit all sizes of companies' needs for immediate and complete protection of their IT systems.

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Oxibox Resilient Storage

Pluggable Cyber Resilience.

Plugs into your existing data protection infrastructure to ensure your existing backups are secure and immutable. Oxibox Data Protection protects backups during their whole lifecycle with our patented data silo protection isolation.

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Oxibox Plug-and-Protect

Fully resilient Data Protection.

Deploy a fully resilient Data Protection Solution on unprotected systems in a few clicks and ensure your capacity to quickly restart full systems in minutes, not weeks, after any kind of disaster.

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Backups are not enough anymore.

Attackers and modern ransomwares target your backups. They are even able to corrupt data stored on remote clouds. Oxibox's innovative technology works to isolate backups from production networks and makes them resistant to attackers by isolating snapshots and rendering them immutable.

Remote storage has to be secured.

Relying on cloud storage is not sufficient by itself - cloud services are subject to cyberattacks and data loss as well. To ensure your capacity to keep doing business in any event, resilience logic must encompass data stored in the cloud.

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