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Quickstart guide

You have just received your Oxibox account credentials.
Get started right away : it only takes a few minutes to install Oxibox on your appliance.

1 - Create your password

Click on the link you received in the account creation email to register your password.

2 - Download the installer

Download the installer according to your operating system.

Windows 7 or higher

OS X 10.11 or higher

Display the full installers list

Windows 64 bits

Standard (by default) All-in-one installer MSI installer

Windows 32 bits

Standard (by default) All-in-one installer MSI installer Legacy installer


Debian / Ubuntu or equivalent
amd64 i386
OpenSuSE : Ports Leap de 15.0 à 15.2 et 42.3, Leap de 15.0 à 15.2
x86_64 i386
CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat), Fedora and equivalent
x86_64 i386


DSM7 - Windows installer for Synology DSM6 - Synology package


Windows installer for Qnap

Others : contact technical assistance

3 - Backup setup

On your first connection, please login with your credentials, and add an appliance name.

Select “Oxibox public cloud” option for a full cloud solution or for a trial account. Select "Appliance Oxibox" for any other deployment.

Set your backup periodicity according to your needs. You can choose the historization length and the backup automatic execution time.

Select the source directory in your workstation tree do add them to the backup jobs list.

To control the success of the backup, you can ask a backup report.
Confirm your setup : you're done!

4 - Discover your administration tools

You can access the remote console with your account :

Monitor and manage all your backups in real time, add new appliances. We recommend to activate the 2 factors authentication to strengthen the security of your account.