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Oxibox Compact

The compact solution for large capacities.

Oxibox Compact embeds the power of Oxibox cyber-resilience in an optimized format for immediate protection of large data capacities up to 40 TB. Oxibox Compact includes replication of the box data on the Oxibox cloud.

Oxibox Compact backup
oxibox compact backup server

Compact size

With its 4 slots for 3.5 "disks, Oxibox Compact benefits from the power of the Oxibox backup engine and immediately secures large volumes of data.

Cloud replication

Cloud replication included

The replication of 100% of the data to Oxibox's public European cloud is included. Data is georeplicated on 2 secure remote sites.

box to box backup

Up to 40 TB of data

Oxibox compact is equipped with large connectivity. Its small size allows immediate deployment of large volumes data protection solution, in all environments and on several sites.