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Oxibox Fireproof

Fireproof and waterproof appliance for secure backup.

Back up all data to a certified fireproof and waterproof backup server. The Oxibox Fireproof hardware is certified to withstand temperatures up to 850°C as well as a 3-meter immersion during 48 hours in freshwater and saltwater.

From 1 to 120 TB, the Oxibox hardware is designed to withstand industrial disasters. Disaster recovery time is optimised thanks to the local availability of data on this hardened server. The hardware can resist to physical damages while the embedded Oxibox software ensuires it can resist to all cyberattacks!

Oxibox Fireproof sauvegarde ignifuge étanche
Fireproof waterproof backup server

Certified fireproof and waterproof

The Oxibox Fireproof backup server is certified by an independent international organisation, ASTM. Fire, water damage, theft... you are prepared for anything!

Cloud replication

Cloud replication included

The replication of 100% of the data to Oxibox's public European cloud is included. Data is georeplicated on 2 secure remote sites.

backup box to box

Box to Box

Oxibox Fireproof is the perfect answer to the problem of multi-site backups. From peripheral location to your core infrastructure, the Oxibox solution unifies backup processes and allows for centralised monitoring and administration.