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Oxibox Resilient Storage

Make backups resistant and resilients to attacks.

Oxibox Resilient Storage plugs into your existing storage and Data Protection infrastructure to make backups immutable, protecting them from corruption by attackers. There's no need to overhaul your whole backup infrastructure: simply plug Oxibox Resilient Storage at the storage level. Your data silos are protected from malicious write operations thanks to our patented technology: historical snapshots are never write-accessible.

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For systems admins

Secure your backups at the storage level : easy deployment as a storage middleware, independent from your current ACL deployment. No connection to your authentication systems to reduce attack surface, the solution is fully self-contained and remotely manageable at-scale.

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Ensure your customers’ backups will always be exploitable and protect yourself from imperfect deployments. Oxibox is remotely manageable and easy to deploy on storage servers including integrated NAS platforms such as Synology and QNAP.

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Cost-effective storage

By plugging in into your existing infrastructure, Oxibox Resilient Storage allows you to lower your TCO.