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Smarter backup

Source-encrypted, deduplicated, multi-source, cross-platform.

The Oxibox solution is designed to back up and restore, simply, all data, no matter their source. The backup engine works in reverse differential mode combining the advantages of an incremental backup and a full system backup.

Fully automated encryption at the source ensures backups cannot be exploited for privileged information or credentials reused in subsequent attacks. Mage no security compromise for backups and ensure the best performance. Source deduplication ensures an efficient use of storage and bandwidth.

Compatibilité étendue

Extended compatibility

Oxibox backup is natively cross-platform: Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Unix.
It supports LTO autoloaders as well as complex and virtualised application environments: VSS, VMWare ESX, Apple TimeMachine.

Sauvegarde différentielle

Incremental-forever backup

Data is always transmitted in incremental mode. Source deduplication allows for only transferring modified chunks. Reverse differentials are stored on the secure enclage to ensure historical data are not corrupted by attackers. Backups are synthetic, allowing immediate access to the latest version, without reconstruction, and guaranteeing the integrity of transmitted data.

Cloud to box


Backup of cloud services is included in the solution to prevent the risk of shadow IT and allowing for 360 governance of data.
The Cloud2box integrates services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive ... as well as the management of remote HyperV and VmWare ESX servers.